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Winter Blues are Real

Hello friends. I am feeling the weather and under it. I usually don't talk much about what ails me because I figure there are always people out there with worse problems and I can put on big girl panties and deal with what life throws at me (most days).

Today I am warming up with my hot cuppa joe as I am just in from clearing the fresh snow from my walk and drive. While I sip away, it is time to upload a few videos from my life and share with you. This month I have continued to clean in my studio and elsewhere in my home. We accumulate so quickly and I need open space to make me happy. not that other people are not good with all their stuff, but it (STUFF) overwhelms me. Also, I have a new tool that needs to find a home. You will see it in one of my newest YouTube videos. Cuts like butter! I am in love. Anyway, I am working on my space. mind and body and hoping to be out of this slump soon. I know worry doesn't help anyone but sometimes it is hard to push it back and move on. Do you know what I mean? I love my friends and family and it is hard not to make their problems my problems too. so If you are struggling, like me, here are a few recent videos that might get you motivated or at leased entertained. I am not the best producer but there are some moments...

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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