Where Am I Headed

What motivates us? Are there usable materials coming out of the changes taking place with CoVid and the world. I feel like the page has turned to a new chapter and we don’t want to go back to where we were but feel the need to create with purpose. We are creating artistic lives while coping with all the rapid changes. We need to know when to say yes and what to say no to. I look for community and processes that get me excited for art. Art is my center. I find it is my release from where we are and a way to move forward. I try to connect with my art community to energize not only them but to motivate myself to stay on the creative path. I do daily art exercises, journal and take classes all while teaching and promoting the art community. There are times when I struggle more than others with this and I start to look for answers to solve the dilemma. How do we DO This???

What I need to remember is it is my journey and I learn and grow at my own pace and in my own time. So what really excites you? Travel, cooking, gardening or something else. What is it you want in life? You and I need to do what we love. Your soul will expand and your art will show you becoming you. Be present and let the process flow. Learn to play and you will generate art in an environment free from restrictions. Have no fear and do what matters to you and you will find joy. Open up to the invitation to the art journey.

Shel Cee and I have been teaching a collage class this month. If you are interested in classes we teach, the next class will open for registration April 1. Below are a few samples from the current class offering.

We would love to see you in class. If you are interested in a caring art community join us in Art Joy of Sharing Facebook group. To see what we are focusing on each month, you can follow Art Joy of Sharing YouTube channel. We broadcast weekly, on Thursday, 10:30 central time. Thanks for dropping by my site, I always look forward to hearing from you. ttfn

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