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Hello and welcome. Thanks for the visit. Today I am working on a journal made from the back side of napkins or serviettes. In this blog post, I am also sharing a stepped-out video tutorial that shows how I've done the cover. I peel off the plain paper and use the pretty prints for collage, but do not wish to discard all of that tissue so I needed a plan to use it up.

Tissue Paper cloth

I used a stencil, glue and a stiff brush to create a sort of cloth for a journal cover. To make the cover you will need to top stitch the paper just to make it a bit sturdier.

Of course I will want to decorate the cover of my tissue paper journal so I head back to the sewing machine to stitch down the stenciled cloth patches made with stencils. The simple signature is stitched in place and bingo, I have a cool new journal.

Please stop by StencilGirl ® Talk Blog and check out Shel's project or the stencil club. We would love to have you join us there.

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