StencilGirl Frame It or Fill It with Circular Shapes-Gel print with Distress Oxide Spray

Hi everybody so glad you stopped by today. This post is all about gel printing with distress oxide sprays. I was so excited when I got my new distress oxide ink pads. Then lo and behold they came out with spray well how convenient is that? A friend of mine had gifted me a lovely set and I needed to break them out and use them. My other loves our stencils and the gel plate. I would say if you have never stenciled on a gel plate you are in for a real treat. So anyway, I video taped the process so you can see the step by step. Because these inks are opaque, they show well on dark surfaces.

I actually have two videos for this month because I was having so much fun just treating on the gel plate using the sprays and I want to show you that in detail if you’ve never done it before. So there will be episode one and episode two of videos for this month and you can find the first one here.

So I actually cut a circle frame from a page in the journal to create a window, I dressed the window with a vellum "curtain" to create a bit of mystery.

You can see the process video here.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the challenge this month. Here is the link to StencilGirl Talk so you can find Shel and all the products. Thanks for the visit. ttfn

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