November Notes

Hello friends. Thanks for stopping by. October was a busy month with daily art challenges, family visits and travel. I created a ton of content for you on my YouTube channel. I hope you check it out.

I also post in our Facebook group. I hope you have found Shel and me there.

This month we will share favorites and the perfect art recipes for fun. #ajosperfectrecipe

Additionally, we kick off our second live online Facebook group class. It is not too late to register and join the fun. We teach a new class chapter each Saturday (live 10:30 central) and record it so you can review later. to register

I am excited to be traveling again this month to Art of the Carolinas. I went a couple of years ago and was able to take class with Jody Ohl. I am excited to visit with friends and check out the art supplies. They have so many knowledgeable people from a wide variety of companies there. Anyway, it will be another busy month for me. I also have another new release to share on the third so watch my YouTube channel for that. With all these plans, I better get busy. The month will be over before I can start. Happy Fall my friends. Travel and November Plans

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