Mixed Media Pastiche - Collaged Cat Shel Cee Style

Hello and thanks for checking in. Today I am working on a multi-step project. I will need to create printed painty paper to use for collage and my favorite way to do that is with a Gel Press Plate.

Once I have my pile of collage materials, I break them down a bit and add them into a box I can rifle through to find just the piece of color and texture I want to glue down.

Shel has a fantastic method for collage so I am going to utilize her method to create a collaged animal image. I don't even know how many journals, tags and canvases she has created this way but all of them are stunning. She was doing an animal monthly and many of her abstract pieces are also collage.

Don't you love all that yummy texture created by the paint and stencils? So I use these papers to glue to a piece of deli paper that contains my initial sketch. You can male multiple layers because the deli wrap is easy to see through and trace your drawing. I don't spend much time on this but I want it to be the right size for the sub-straight.

So it is all glued and collaged with layers and final stenciling to create a cute purple kitty. for complete instruction, you can find the video process here. https://youtu.be/ZFMIitY4xSs

I am always fascinated When Shel Cee starts to glue papers down. I am never quite sure where the process is going to take her. Anyway. I can see influences from all three of these artists in this piece. Seth's layering techniques show up in the background while Mary Beth's love of the geometric and stitching play a part too. I hope you give this process a try. It is a lot of fun! Thanks for the visit. p


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