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Fall Frenzy


This month has been difficult for both Shel and I to manage life and be creative while doing so. We have both had life changes that have not allowed us to be In thy studio and share weekly as we normally do. I did start a new series trying to keep everyone up to speed with what is happening and am trying to post a peek into life each Sunday. I created a playlist on YouTube, Sunday Snippets


Because I am not finding time for long videos and editing right now, I will share tips, tricks, travels and anything that I feel you might like to know about my art life on my channel in small bites. If you have any questions or comments, please follow along and send me your thoughts as I share in my experiences.

You all hold a special place in my life and I miss you but life has a way of directing our path and we will travel it and see where it leads. Happy equinox and Fall to you.

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