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Have you heard the news??? Shel Cee and Peg will be teaching this year. We are excited to offer you a way to find your creative side. We are ready to help you remove any negative thoughts from you head about YOUR creative ability by sharing our tips and demos to bring joy to creating. We will share how to free your inner artist, let go and be free. We will be sharing our favorite products with a few surprises along the way. As we believe everyone can be an artist. we are here to motivate your creative side. Thank you for visiting and I hope you can join us as we find Art Joy!

Shel C is a self-taught artist who comes from a large family of ‘makers’. She has been doing arts and crafts her entire life. She attributes her creativity to always having art materials available to her. Supplies like construction paper, crayons and gouache paints. She did everything from drawing and coloring to making Barbie doll clothes and painting the large windows in her childhood home during Halloween. Shel vividly remembers a time in 3rd grade where her art teacher, Mrs. Jones, told her mother during a parent/teacher conference that Shel had a ‘gift with color’. As a teen, Shel made craft items to sell at holiday craft fairs, along with her mother, like Cross-stitch frames, covered photo albums, Shrinky Dink jewelry, and home-made candles. All sorts of things.

Once Shel became older and became a mother herself, she spent over 10 years as a demonstrator and sales person for a large rubber stamp company, selling direct as well as demonstrating at conventions. As social media became more popular, Shel discovered other artists sharing what they were creating in a very public way. She became fascinated with mixed media art, a new concept to her. She was encouraged by another YouTuber to make a YouTube channel. The channel has been a fun adventure and very rewarding, as viewers seem to love to watch what she makes.

Shel’s current favorite art form is mixed media collage. Specifically, a paper painting style of collage where tiny torn bits of paper replace paint strokes to create pieces on canvas or wood panels. A side effect of this love is making collage paper. Favorite techniques for making collage fodder are using gel plates and well-designed stencils with all types of media or doodling abstract forms, mark making and resist techniques. In addition, Shel enjoys making art journal pages, artist trading cards and altered tags as part of daily art practice.

Peg comes with a background in business and accounting. While working her day job she still had a longing to create. Although mostly self-taught, she reads many books and periodicals and continues her education by taking as many classes as possible to learn about arts and crafts. Peg began teaching art at some local paper arts stores and offering art community education instruction through the local community college. She is a Helping Hand Artist for Decoart and has been a designer and artist for several stores including Emerald Creek and StencilGirl products

One of the unique things about Peg is her gift of sharing and promoting art in communities she is growing where she shares her love of art. This is where we find her friend Shel. They share a channel on YouTube, Art Joy of Sharing LIVE, where they produce an hour and a half of art instruction, live each week. To support the live show and allow others to share their related work, they created a Facebook group, Art Joy of Sharing and are now teaching classes together.

Their collaboration does not stop there. Along with many other artist involved YouTube channels, they have produced many hops and challenges. These ladies are open and approachable and love to talk about art breaking down barriers and helping to bring our art community together.

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