And then there were three.

Hey have you missed me. Sorry. I know I have been mia but things get busy around here. Each month there are cooperative events and while I have met the challenges I have not found the time to blog.

One venture I participate in each month is the Pick a Stick Challenge Facebook group. Here is a page I created with a StencilGirl stencil for my tutorial on YouTube.

This is released on my YouTube main art channel. Additionally, I share a live broadcast each week with my friend and fellow artist Shel C. You can catch us live each week at 10:30 CDT. I have also started a vlog channel to share with the chronic pain Facebook group. This is just an update on me and my family and how we find and share joy. I hope some or all of what I am doing is inspiring you and you come and join me as I Broadcast and share with you.

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