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And A New Year in Sight

Can you believe it, 2022 is just around the corner. Everyone seems pretty excited about this next year. I have to say Shel and I are excited about changes we are making in art joy of sharing for 2022. If you’re not already a member of the Facebook group please consider joining us as we have a great time and a great group of people. you may have noticed a few new postings in the shop. I am still cleaning and sorting in my studio and you can be the benefactor of some of those goodies I will be eliminating from my shelves. I will only be keeping those things that are near and dear to my heart and I have time to play with as my life allows. January 1 will be the launch of our new class so watch for that in the class section. I know many have waited for this with great anticipation. we will also launch our new challenges for the month live in Art Joy of Sharing Facebook group. We already shot the video and will be premiering that on the first. if you haven’t been following my YouTube channel you may want to catch up. I have been very busy the last week or two with products and techniques. I’ve had some free time to play and show you some of the things that I received this holiday season. Happy New Year!

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