2022 Art Joy Launch

Hello and thanks for Stopping by. 2022 is off to a good start. Shel and I are ready for a new year and I hope you can join us, If you are part of the the Art Joy of Sharing community, which is a free community we offer, we launched our first challenges for 2022. Each month will have a theme and a focus for our our art work practice. Did you see how I worked my word of the year in there? I have chosen FOCUS as my word to direct my practice. Do you have a word for 2022? Do you want a safe community where you can share your work? Come join us.

I intend to continue this month with this theme and journal. Here is the cover I worked on yesterday.

I want o do more daily practice so you may be seeing more Instagram posts about that. I spent a lot of time reorganizing in the studio last month and it is coming together. If you want to see more on that, you can let me know.

Class 3 is now open for registration and I am really enjoying sharing with this group of loyal supporters and art friends.

Registration closes the end of January so reserve your spot today.

So Remember we still have the free group and LIVE channel so the classes are in addition to help you expand your knowledge. We have people at all stages of learning and welcome you to join in.

This is what people are saying Lisa

I'm looking forward to February and the collage class; you and Shel provide a ton of information in an easy to understand way!


So many ideas but I just wanted to comment on how much prep went into this class - thanks so much.

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