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Gift Worthy Hop

Hi and welcome to a fun blog hop from the StencilGirl® CreativeTeam. We were charged with creating something gift worthy. I decided to work with some clay.

I had fun with this new to me clay and I have a video of the process for you

So once the clay had cured, I added several coats of dimensional adhesive to seal and add a gloss finish to the piece.

I think it turned out pretty cool and that clay takes an impression really well.

Once it cured it was time to add the embellishments. I used Sari silk ribbon and a few findings.

I hope you enjoyed this project and decide to make a few of your own. Thanks for stopping by. ttfn

Sue Plumb's Cookie Jar and Art Bag

Claudia Neubacher's Tote Bag

Sunila & Aditi Mahajan's Treasure Box

Peg Robinson's Necklace

Shel C's Journal Set

Jennifer Gallagher's Paper Mache Gift Box

Linda Edkins Wyatt's Beach Memories Painting

Jill McDowell's Twisted Treasure Pouches

Carol Baxter's Advent Calendar

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