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So this is something a little bit different. Typically I do a YouTube tutorial for my creative year each month. However, I think I just killed a computer. Updates are not always as easy as one would think. Anyway if you follow me on any social media you know that June has been a month for artist trading cards and challenges.

If you are following my creative year, you will also know that passion is the theme for the month of June. I took that theme and interpreted it into this artist trading card. Let me tell you what my thoughts were. Because we always think of passion in conjunction with hearts I thought they were appropriate to use on this card. I also chose to use a spirit animal which is the bee. Bees are industrious creatures working in a community. In a similar way we do this in our art communities. Now technically a bee should not be able to fly because it is aerodynamically designed incorrectly. However the bee does not know it shouldn’t fly so it does and so can you.

Bees move from flower to flower in the garden collecting pollen. We move from art project to art project or one medium to another and collect our symbolic pollen with which to make honey. If we are consistent in our practice and passionate about learning, we grow as a hive would grow. So my message to you this month is this, use your wings, take flight, be free and passionate in your pursuits. Create from the heart.

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