Journal Play - abstract work with StencilGirl ®️

I am glad you’re here with me today. I want to show you a fun journal page I created using Traci Batista stencils from StencilGirl products. I was so excited to be included in this years creative team.

or...You can watch the process video here.

I have some of the tricks I use when stenciling and using a mask included in the video presentation for you. The Deconstructed Chrysanthemum mask and stencil are some of my favorites.

I really enjoyed using summer colors to create an abstract page in my journal. Above is the Journal Words Stencil layered over the background.

So that is it after a few final touches with a paint pen. You can check out all the wonderful designs at StencilGirl products.

The Deconstructed Chrysanthemum S295

The Journal Words L336

Love Collage L312

Soulful Scribbles Dots and Dashes L605

Deco Art Media


Hasna Yellow

Primary Magenta

Phthalo Turquoise


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