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Spring Cleaning

This really happens all year long not just in the Spring. One thing that makes me happy and more productive in the studio is having things organized. I have found a few new products to help me with this task.

First up is this peg board from Ikea. It has a assortment of organizational hooks and trays you can add to it to make it usable in your space.

I also found these inexpensive trays from Michaels.

They help with organizing small things like washi, punches, embossing powders and pen and such. The list can be extensive.

In between organizing and shooting video for my channel, Shel and I did a live show this week on Art Joy of Sharing. This is the Mardi Gras mask I decorated for that. It was fun to learn a bit more about this celebration.

Back in the studio I found this great little organizer from Deflecto. It is super handy storage for embossing machine equipment no matter what brand you own.

I also acquired a pair of copper tweezers for embossing and heating. They don’t heat up like other tools to burn you.

I found Walmart was carrying shelf inserts for the cube storage so I had to get a few to divide up my spaces. You can see just how handy all of these are to keep things neat and organized.

Well back to organizing and cleaning. ttfn

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