Looking Forward to 2019

Hello friends and welcome.

2019 should be an exciting year. I will be continuing with some of the old favorites such as pick up stick challenge but I’ve also added some new things. Let me just do a recap of what’s going on.

My new Word of the year is simplify. Although from the list of things I have planned you couldn’t tell that was the word I had picked. However, I have been simplifying the products and collection I have in my studio. I have simplified my life and organize things to make it easier for me to create.

I continue to create content for my YouTube Channel. I plan to add a new series this Year "Card Culture"to utilize things we have all had for a long time and have been collecting dust.

PASC the pick a stick challenge will be continuing this next year if you don’t know about it go check out pick a stick challenge on Facebook or use the #PASC to find what Shel and I collaborate on for pick a stick challenge. It is a monthly art journaling and artist trading card challenge.

Art Joy of Sharing was a new endeavor last year. We created the Facebook group to share other things related to Art with other creatives. We also created a new collaboration channel on YouTube. Art joy of sharing is a live show every Thursday at 10:30 AM Central standard time. LIVE Streaming allows us to speak directly with our audience.

Gina Ahrens has asked me once again to participate in her design team and I am so grateful to be included in such a wonderful group of artists. I will also be teaching on the Facebook group my creative year. This is a free educational Facebook group where we challenge each other and do all kinds of art throughout the year. I also plan to continue with other collaborations throughout the year such as the collaboration with Bea Grob and others. Tag it Tuesday is still on my list along with Mission Inspiration. I signed up for some classes and hope to have the time to work through some of them.

Intervals of Sanity Is another new YouTube channel that live streams on Sundays at 5:30 pm CST. It is just chatty friends on some topic or another.

So I hope you can join me in 2019 for some or all the fun. Happy New Year to all and all my best wishes through out the coming year.

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