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Arting Out the Winter

Hello friends. The year started of with a bang. I did my first two videos for Gina Ahren’s design team and love the journal and dashboard I created. I am trying to do more daily are so it all comes in handy.

I made a couple of trips to my daughter’s for house sitting and the journal went along.

Shel and I keep busy with Art Joy of Sharing Facebook group and live stream channel on YouTube. If you haven’t joined us there, I hope you consider joining us soon. We continue for the third year with the Pick A Stick challenge. The group is on Facebook and we post the videos on our own YouTube channels. January and February are already posted.

This month is the annual February 29 Faces challenge. I have created the first 4 so far.

Until the weather warms, I continue to stay snug in the studio and create. I have been able to stay in touch with my crafty pals with Zoom and Facebook. I look forward with anticipation to class with Gwen Lafleur Studios and some crafty travels with friends. Hope you are staying warm.

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