Happy New Beginnings

As we welcome in 2018, I want to thank you all for having been with me on my artistic journey. I am clearing out the old and bringing on the new.

I’ve added a few things this year which include a couple of new design teams. I also have added additional courses that I will be taking so that I can continue to grow and learn in my art experience.

I want to remind you all about the collaboration I have with Shel C. We are doing weekly live video on YouTube if you care to join us. Here is the channel link. Be sure and check out all my links on linktree.

I plan to do some experimentation with watercolors and hand lettering this year.

I will also be continuing with the Pick a Stick challenge group on Facebook. This starts our third year and the community is still growing. We have made some fun new changes to our format this year just keeping it fresh. I hope you can join us.

This weeks collaboration on Art Joy of Sharing Live will be assemblage and I really am looking forward to that. Remember, our live stream is recorded for you so you won’t miss a thing if you can not join us live. But, I truly hope to see you in the livestream so we can chat.

So I am off to upload some videos and make some art.

Remember, you make a difference, so be kind and sharing. Hugz p

#DesignTeam #PickaStick #ArtJoyofSharing

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