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Busy Month

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I just spent a wonderful weekend in St. Louis with Seth Apter and Mary Beth Shaw. I will post some pictures of what I made but I also have an announcement to make. I will be working with Gina B. Ahrens in the year 2018 for her design team. If you haven’t seen Gina's work they sure and check her out she has wonderful items for sale in her Etsy store and I use her stamps and stencils regularly.

So let me show you what I created in St. Louis.

Let me tell you the paint was flying fast and furious.

I have also been creating a journal page every day for the month of November for Art Joy of Sharing Facebook challenge. Let me show you a page I did using one of Gina‘s stencils.


I hope you enjoy this and will be watching to see what we are doing in 2018. I can’t wait for the new year to begin.

#SethApter #GinaBAhrens #DesignTeam #ginabahrensdesigns #Stencilgirl #MixedMedia

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