It Is November - how did that happen?

Sorry I am so bad at keeping up this space. I will do my best to bring you up to date. Things have really been moving along. I had started a Facebook group Art Joy of Sharing a number of months ago. It has really been a lot of fun and we are growing a large community of Artists. We have been running a few swaps and challenges throughout the summer. The current challenge for the month of November is an art journaling daily challenge. #ArtJournalHabit 2017. You can find all the prompts on the Art joy of sharing Facebook group. Let me show you a few of my first pages.

Come and join the fun if you can.

Shel Cee and I have started doing a weekly live stream on YouTube. You can find our channel here. ART Joy of Sharing LIVE Stream

Last week when Shel was away we had Cindy Utter on the show Sharing her process for glue books. Thank you Cindy. Check it out.

Cindy's page turned out so cool and I liked mine too. I used some wonderful free collage elements from Roben Marie Smith on this project. Thank you Roben.

I received a wonderful package from Emerald Creek. I had to break out some of the embellishments and get to work right away. You can check their list for a local retailer near you. These shimmery embossing powders, stamps and charms are so cool.

I think these charms are perfect for your holiday creations.

We continue with the Pick a Stick challenge. As we move into the third year there will be a few changes. If you enjoy doing monthly challenges for artist trading cards and journal page prompts check out this group.

I will be doing some artsy travels this month and I hope to bring you along for the trip. Here is my arty travels vlog from last month.

If you are traveling this month, I wish you safe journey. Be sure and hug a loved one and enjoy the season. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a note about what you are doing. Peace and love. Peg

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