And so it begins...

Sorry I have been a bit absent here. I have a lot of news. Fall is in the air and I have begun my decorating. This included a new television for the living-room so, that freed this 40" beauty up for my studio. I love being able to broadcast live and see my friends clearly as we craft and chat about all things art.

Shel and I did our first ARTJoyofSharingLIVEstream event. Check out our new YouTube channel. We hit a few speed bumps but overall not too bad for first timers. Here is the page I made. We kept the recording for you if you want to see it.

Journal page created in the live session

Be sure to click the bell while you are there to get notifications when we go live. Our next live event is scheduled for next Thursday at 10am CDT(Chicago) I hope you can join us as we start this new collaboration. It is an opportunity to chat and ask questions. We would love to have you there.

Additionally, Shel Cee and I have joined a brand new design team for Recycledparts4art. Jeri Bellini is the store owner and you can find her information here. We both received a package in the mail of goodies from Jeri and have started to create video content for you. Jeri will have a schedule on her site. Check it out.

Additionally, I was honored to be the guest designer for Mike Deakin's Mission Inspiration Challenge.

My Mission Inspiration Page Using Emerald Creek Products

It was a lot of fun so, thanks Mike for hosting me on your channel and site.

This is the week for the Pick A Stick Challenge FB group live videos. I know Shel plans to do her's on the 15th. If you haven't joined the fun yet, you can find the group on Facebook.

We have another exciting hop planned for next weekend on YouTube. Keep and eye out. #ArtHopPrimitive

Shel and I have our regular YouTube channels where we have been producing content for you too.

Sorry to be so windy, but like I said, I have been busy. Have a great Sunday everyone. Love and peace.

#ECEmbossingPowder #ECQuarry #MissionInspiration #Recycledpartsrorart

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