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Crazy Summer

Hi everyone it's Peg,

I thought it was time I shared with you some of the exciting news. Shel C of Paper Ocotillo Studio and I BitsnPieces have been working on a collaboration project for a couple of months now. Some of you may already know we launched the Art Joy of Sharing Facebook group which is at 300 members and climbing already. This is a safe group for all artists to share their work in. No bullies allowed. In conjunction with that group Shel and I are launching a shared LIVE YouTube channel. We plan to broadcast weekly on Thursdays. Because this will be a live show you can participate and ask questions and share your thoughts about the work we are doing. I am listing the channel here so you can get a jump on subscribing. That is the only way you are going to get notifications as YouTube has changed their algorithms and I wouldn't want you to miss out if you are interested in being part of the live audience. Our first show is scheduled to air September 7th, 10:00am CDT 8am Pacific. Our first show will be a pick a stick challenge. This should be interesting as we have not done a full journal page live before. I hope you can all join us.

On another note I talked to Kim the owner of Emerald Creek and she tells me I have a new design team box coming my way. Sounds like there are going to be some really fun goodies in there for me to play with and share with you. If you don't know about Emerald Creek I have a playlist on YouTube showing the products that I have received from them thus far and how to use them. You can find that here.

This month September we will be having another guest designer for the pick a stick challenge. Please welcome Hanny Tromp as she selects the sticks of feet for September. If you haven't already joined the fun we will be posting a challenge for an ATC and journal page each month. There is a Facebook group where you can share your work or use the #s for the month on any social media so we can find your work.

So I had some fun travels this summer making art. I have a vlog post here. I will also be volunteering for Stamp Joy in October from Taylor expressions and taking a class with Mary Beth Shaw and Seth Apter in November. I'm really looking forward to having some inky, painty fun at these events. I will do my best to share my experiences along the way.

Ttfn p

PS Here are some of the fun makes and purchases from this month. I am hoping my journal from the Brooklyn art library arrives so I can start working on that with my new watercolors.

Journal page while playing with friends

Cards made with Stamps from Gina

Alcohol Ink Play

More journal fun

Taking a class with Dyan Reaveley

a haul for more fun play

#EmeraldCreek #ArtJoyofSharing #classes

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