Are you like me and feel like life is in constant flux? I have been working on my studio for as long as I can remember. First I used all of the hand me down furniture that was left over at my house. An old computer armoire. Folding tables and chairs picked up from garage sales. This year was the first time I made a major investment in my studio.

You know I always spend the money on supplies first and foremost.

So this time I donated and gave away some pieces that I did not feel were functional and bought some pieces from Ikea that I thought would work better for the way I work. I will try and put some links in for you so that you can find these pieces but I also have a video showing my room.

The couch/bed, dresser and armoire had to go.

I started off by buying two of the Alex drawer units. I quickly found I love these and wanted more. That would mean a major furniture change. That means the couch and computer armiore were sent to my daughters and the Sally Ann store.

You can see this room has gone through a lot of transition. I now have new slat wall shelves and 4 Alex drawer units

Then I started on the opposite side of the room. Where the dresser had been, I installed Ikea cubes.

I moved all of my stencils into new homes in a rack shelf unit I had at the far end of my space.

I love how everything can be organized in these drawer units.

So here is a short video

So check out Ikea storage if you are reorganizing. It is the bomb!

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