Wow, what a month!!!

First off I forgot how to get into my own website. That can be very disturbing. Lol but then when you're going 90 miles an hour in different directions that's what happens.

I really wanted to share with you some of the things that I have been doing. We started off the month with a bang by doing artist trading cards every day for the month of June. I have three videos posted with some of the process creating these. You can find those videos on YouTube. I have also been posting daily to Instagram. To find work by all of the artists involved use the #ATCAD2017. You'll be amazed by all the wonderful miniature art pieces being created. It is so much fun to be involved in such an endeavor. Here are some photos of ATCs.


addition to the daily artist trading cards I created an artist trading card live in the Pick A Stick challenge Facebook group. If you haven't joined us, you might want to think about it. We do some fun artist challenges each month. It's a great place to share and grow.

I am still working on getting my own group established for sharing Art on Facebook. "Art Joy of Sharing". I established this group for sharing other types of art and Information. Yes I know there are plenty of groups out there, but they were not going in the direction I wanted to go. I want to grow in my art and not just post pictures. To do this we share information about classes, techniques,tools and the like. Oh yes, and there are still pretty pictures being posted but they are channeled so as not to clog the feed.

We post video links and such into the file section and add weekly art updates in an orderly fashion in the feed once a week. That gives everyone a chance to shine.

I did an artist journal page for the creative arts collaboration this month. Use the #LoveSummerArt2017 to find information for this collaboration.