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Woohoo I have a Web page

Okay, this took waaaay longer than I ever thought it would, but I really didn't want to pay out money for a site that was not producing an income. WIX has given me an answer to my dilemma. I am still exploring all the ins and outs, but this has been a really good experience so far.

Today I am writing my first blog post. I have been using Blogger for years and google made some changes about a year ago that really cut back on the traffic that site was getting. I didn't want to stop blogging, but google + was not giving everyone access.

I am still new to this new platform, but I am much happier here than I was on my other blog.

I have been busy this month with travel every weekend, a gently used supply sale, trips to the doctor for family and still working on the studio reorganization. But a busy life is a happy life.Here are a few pics from this month. So my dear friends, I will leave you with that today. Wishing you a happy life too.

My new storage from Ikea

Driving to Wisconsin

Cute towels in the bath at the hotel

Nedw mini Archival ink pads

on the road a lot

Stamp Scrapbook Expo Milwaukee

Madison WI

On the road

#Webpagecreation #Artblog #Travel #StampScrapbookExpo

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